Should we start with what we don’t have?

No ego. We don’t have an obsession with being number one in the area. We just want to get the job done properly.

No hidden agenda. We don’t have targets to beat or bonuses to battle it out for. If you’re happy, we’re happy. End of.

No office. We don’t need to impress you with fancy fridges of Diet Coke that hike up our prices. Like you, we work from home, around our kids. We’re more nimble that way.

And on to what we do have.

Over 40 years’ experience. We know the London and local property market inside out. We understand the history, the trends, the pitfalls and the opportunities. And that puts us in a sweet spot for helping you.

Cutting-edge tech. Instead of fitting out a posh office for ourselves, we’re invested in the top technology, meaning you’ll get your property in front of more relevant potential buyers than at a high street agent.

Passionate property people. It’s not overstating the facts to say we’re obsessed with all things property, from the housing market and interior design to the latest innovations.

Family values. Our ethos is all about being honest and friendly. We want you to feel like your best friends are taking care of your property. You can trust us to keep your interests at heart, and to always do the best thing by you.