Your tenants are looking for more than just a place to rent. They are looking for a place to call home. We understand that.

The Best Tenant….

No one wants an empty property right? That comes with its own set of problems and can cost ! However, finding the BEST tenant should be numero UNO on the list, because a bad tenant is potentially a lot worse than an extra month of mortgage payments, believe me, we have been there!!

As seasoned landlords ourselves, we put the emphasis on getting you the right tenants. Sure, you want the maximum rent, and the least amount of downtime and disruption, but getting a good tenant should be top of the list, because they will pay their rent and look after your asset for you. What could be more important than that?

Come on, I’ll take you through the next steps….

Step 1 - Arrange a valuation

Lets check the price we think we can achieve per calendar month (PCM) and discuss the best service for you. We can find you a tenant, manage the whole shebang and everything in between.

Step 2 - Property preparation & marketing

Love at first sight? OK, a tenancy may be a temporary home for some, but the key word here is home. Making the property look presentable and in good condition will help elevate your price, but also attract the BEST tenants. (Top Tip) the property does not have to be refurbished, with granite surfaces and textured wallpapers, actually, clean and tidy and neutral colors are killer wins in this area!!

Step 3 - Securing a let

We will do the viewings, we will vet the tenants (this is the important bit) and our ARLA registered letting admin team will take care of all the paperwork for you. Beyond this, we can also manage the let for you, so when the washing machine leaks on a Sunday morning, you don't have to worry. The tenant calls us, and we get round there with a plumber quick sharp!

Step 4 - Tenancy progression

We carry out comprehensive references, chase all parties involved and ensure your tenancy is prioritised and progressed to a speedy completion to make the whole thing less stressful.

Step 5 - Move in day

We’ll provide your tenants with electronic copies of all the tenancy information, the required certificates and the How to Rent guide.

Once that’s done and dusted, they will receive their check in appointment (which is where we report on the condition as they move in) and hand over the keys.

Step 6 - Overseas landlords

Own a rental property in the UK but live elsewhere? Don’t book your flight just yet. We’ll keep you in the loop on everything to do and help you comply with the Non-Resident Landlords tax scheme to.